“ To gather together, white loop “

2012 Altes Kaufhaus Oranienplatz, Berlin

Installation, White Aluminum, Bike chains, Gears, Motor, Microcontroller. 350x80x5cm

It’s not only a sculpture to observe but also a sound installation to make an individual experience, cycling to an unknown destination.

I reconnected several bike chains and made a large vertical looping machine, which installed from the ceiling to the floor. Gears, aluminum structure, and chains were resembled together and installed as an abstract and geometrical element in the space.

The structure was very light and fragile, and the speed of the cycling chains was randomly controlled by a micro-controller: sometimes running aggressively fast and sometimes moving submissively slow.

The looping system intended to show an impossible togetherness of a sensible cycle motion, demonstrating a flow of time by a phantomatic motion.