“The present (Bahnhof Alexanderplatz)”  2012

2012 | 3 Photo booth prints, Acid-Free Mat, Aluminium Frame 100x70 cm (Colour)

“The present (Schönhauser Allee)”  2012

2012 | 1 Photo booth print, Acid-Free Mat, Aluminium Frame 100x70 cm (B/W)

Photo booth is the most intimate camera in the world; it can be found in many public

places. One can pay and take pictures without buying the device. The device can take a

portrait, produce personal ID card or passport photo, and printout the images.

Adopting part of the ideas in Camera Obscura (mirroring outside images into the device), a

large mirror was set in the photo booth at the tube station in Berlin Alexander Platz. Three

prints were taken at different locations in the tube station, reflecting a kiosk where people

line up to buy food and travelers walk through; each single print was dated and numbered

with photo booth serial.

How to take an image without owning any camera? How can we read an image between a

street snap shot and a fixed camera shot? I used mirror as a material to expand this

limited mis-en-scène space by sliding out the focusing frame from the fixed photo booths,

thus sketching a temporary private space from a public gaze.

“The present (Bahnhof Alexanderplatz)”  2012

“The present (Schönhauser Allee)”  2012