“ Le pain perdu “

one week, September 2007

Open-air space, Chelsea Parade Ground, London, Tate Britain

50 baguettes, pigeon spikes. dimension variable.

Pigeons are invited to consume a dangerous feast: spiky baguettes spread all over the yard.

I present a In-between, contradictory situation in the public space by using the collision of pigeon spikes and baguette, on the one hand it attracts the pigeons to approach my work and to consume the baguette, on the other hand the pigeon spikes play an aggressive role against the existance of pigeons. If the pigeons are still attracted by the smell and form of the baguette, they have to take the risk to attack this food from a different angle. In the end of this work, there is only the spikes left, all the baguette was eaten by the pigeons, it disappeared. (EN)

„Le pain perdu“ („Das Verlorene Brot“), 2007. Auf dem Vorplatz des Tate Britain und des Chelsea Colleges in London installierte ich ein „In-Between“, eine widersprüchliche Situation: Auf ein Drahtgewebe zur Taubenabwehr spießte ich Brot und dokumentierte die Reaktion der Tauben, die erst scheu waren, nach einer Woche jedoch das gesamte Brot aufgefressen hatten. (DE)

( Le pain perdu: lost bread, since it is a way to reclaim stale, "lost", bread: hard bread is softened by dipping in a mixture of milk and eggs, then deep fried. The bread is sliced on a bias and dipped into a mixture of egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. The slices are pan-fried in butter and traditionally served dusted with powdered sugar and with jam on the side. Alternatively it may be served with syrup. - Wikipedia )

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